Born in Venice, Italy, Giorgio Costantini is a multifaceted musician with a diverse background in electronics, computing and piano. He began his career in the mid-80s as a keyboardist, touring with some of the most important Italian artists such as Fiorella Mannoia, Renato Zero and Michele Zarrillo, both in Italy and abroad. As a member of the Orchestra della RAI (Orchestra Nazionale della Radio e della TV), he has had the opportunity of playing with world-renowned artists, including Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Bolton, only to mention a few.


Throughout his career, Costantini has contributed to over 40 albums in various roles, including programmer, arranger, and keyboardist. These collaborations have resulted in 23 gold records and multiple award-winning releases. In addition to his live performances, he has worked on soundtracks, music for commercials, and remixes.
In 2008, Costantini self-produced his album “PianoPianoForte,” a collection of original compositions for piano and orchestra, quickly earning top spots on the “MySpace Top Artist” charts in the UK, the US, and Italy.
Following the success of “PianoPianoForte,” Costantini released “Universound” in 2011, which included “Alba Mundi,” a track composed using notes tuned on the orbit periods of the planets in our solar system. One of the songs from the album, “The Emperor,” was used in the Italian trailer for the TV series “Smallville” and in a fashion campaign for “Save The Queen.”
In 2016, Costantini’s single “Flow” from his album “Dreamers” became the soundtrack for the eponymous short film he directed. The film won the “Francesco Pasinetti” award at the 73rd Venice Film Festival.
Costantini’s international performances include a piano solo concert at the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan – the largest opera theater in the country – for the inauguration of his tour.
By 2023, Costantini’s tracks on Spotify surpassed the milestone of 5 million streams.

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Album: “Universound” (2011), “PianoPianoForte” (2009), “Dremers”.

Genres: neoclassic, classic, cinematic, minimalist.

The musical genre is a mix of classic and pop piano; the arrangements range from piano solo to big orchestra and synth with electronic groove.

Sound like: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yanni, E.S. Posthumus, Yiruma, Ludovico Einaudi, Michael Nyman, Claude Debussy.



Tesla (432 Hz version) // Album: "The Dreamer"
  1. Tesla (432 Hz version) // Album: "The Dreamer"
  2. Life (432 Hz version) // Album: "Universound"
  3. Alba Mundi // Album "Universound"
  4. Perdutamente // Album: "Universound"
  5. 04 – Adagio // Album: "PianoPianoForte"
  6. 02 – Elegia // Giorgio Costantini - PianoPianoForte