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Thanks for your visit. I am Giorgio Costantini and on this site you can listen to the tracks from my last work "Universound" and "PianoPianoForte". If you love tha piano and the nu-classic genre, in the download section you can download some songs and scores from my albums.
If you are pianist or musician,
here you can find some musical tools such as musical calculators, printable sheet templates, and a several links for keyboards and piano lovers.
The "nu-classic" genre is represented in Italy and in the world by artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Michael Nyman, Ludovico Einaudi and Giovanni Allevi.
The album "PianoPianoForte"
gained in 2009 the ìTunes Italian single and album charts.

Are you Dj, sync agencies, or any industry professional?
Please send email through this link to receive a free copy of the album

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My albums is a collection of piano songs. If you like Eric Satie, Claude Debussy, and the sound of the piano moves you, then you will love "Elegia", available for free download.  Or feel free to experience any of my other tracks.
The Tools section includes my multifunction music calculator - a very useful instrument - as well as a series of printable music sheet templates, in addition to other practical aids for musicians.
The Personal includes my resume as well as information about my published work.
Additionally, you can read about and hear mp3´s of other artists that I have both worked with and played for.

If you love playing piano music or if you enjoy love song for piano, this website offers you piano sheet, relaxation music for piano and other instruments.

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