Music Calculator
Musicalc is a music calculator for sound engineers and musicians. It easily allows conversions and calculations of tempo, delay and frequency, among which:
  • tempo calculation with the "tapper" function
  • calculation of the delay times for a sincronized echo
  • key/frequency and frequency/key convertion
  • wave lenght calculation
  • calculation of musical interval from two frequency or two tempo (bpm)
  • calculation of midi key number from any frequency or note
  • calculation of time duration of a song, with the tempo (bpm exactly o calculated with tapper) and the number of bar
  • memory time function, for adding different times and bars
  • variable A-tune for the calc (438 to 442 Hz)

Musicalc is a .swf file (flash format files), and you can download for off-line use on the bottom of this page.

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